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Machine in Flux - Wood
Research | 2018 - ongoing  
Collaboration with Ko De Beer
‘Machine in Flux - Wood’ is an art installation of a machine carrying out slow and delicate drawing performances, which its drawing resembles the cross section of a tree trunk.

We try to question the main drive of machine development which are utilisation and productivity. Instead we want to look into the meeting point of machine behaviour and the natural state of being. This project therefore aims to seek possibilities of future machines as an intuitive, creative, and organically behaving entities.
The final machine we aim for, is able to detect the varying forces of its surroundings, such as light intensity and humidity, and use the data to constantly influence the drawing’s growing shape.

For now, the latest prototype machine is able to grow its drawing by reading the light intensity of its surroundings.

The line is drawn thicker when the surrounding light is brighter, and thinner when it is darker. The machine follows its own line that it draws - so once triggered with the first circular line, it enters an infinite loop of following and drawing. It operates autonomously from then on. Because of this, the previous line can influence the next.

The small variations in the lines are amplified as it grows further and makes the shape more and more organic.

We aim to make the outcome always unique and surprising depending on where, when, and with which setting the robot performs in. 

For that we are now working on improving the code and adding more sensors, so that it reflects more how different trees grow and how different external forces affect a tree’s growth.
(Light, water, temperature, etc.)


Set up an ink tank that can flow at least 12 hours without maintenance.

Let it work with Teensy as its brain.

Write a more sophisticated code for its movement.
(We want its parameters to be dramatically influenced by different surrounding forces constantly. And give the code more conceptual value, such as grounding it in research on different tree growth patterns.)

Latest prototype test-run :

Big scale performance at the woods :